1. old coupleHow does the service work?

When you contact us, we will offer to visit you free of charge to discuss your needs and wishes. Together we will draw up a written support plan detailing how we can offer you the appropriate care and support. This support will be tailored and flexible to meet your individual needs and wishes.

We will listen to you about how and when you need support and we will match a support worker to your requirements.

We will introduce you to your support worker before any support is given so that you are able to start building a trusting relationship with the support worker.

When you feel happy and confident with your support worker we will start providing you with the service.

The manager will have regular contact with you to ensure that we are providing quality services in the manner and the way that meets your needs and wishes.

If you feel that you need less help or even more support we will provide you with a flexible service to meet any changing needs.

  • Do I have to give notice to change or stop the service?

Our aim is to support you in having control over the services that enable you to enjoy your lifestyle. To achieve this aim we need to be working together. We will not tie you down with contracts and notice periods but by us both agreeing your support plan we can offer you a flexible service that you can change at any time.

  1. How much does the service cost?

We aim to provide quality services at affordable hourly rates. Our charges are £12.50 per hour. The only extra charges would be for any out of pocket expenses, for example mileage, admissions charges into sport or leisure clubs. Any extra charges we can discuss with you and agree this in your support plan.

  1. Can I get any welfare benefits or funding to pay for this service?

We can provide information to you about the process of requesting Social Services to assess your needs against their own criteria and if you qualify for support and any funding.

Depending on individual situations there may be certain benefits you may be entitled to claim.

If you do not qualify for Social Services funding then we would be happy to provide care and support to you on a private basis.

  1. Who will be my support worker?

We will always match your needs with a support workers experience, knowledge and skills.

We will listen to your preferences and respect your wishes to be supported by a person you can build a trusting relationship with.

You will always meet your support worker with the manager and the service will not start until you are happy and confident with the person who will be supporting you.


If there is an emergency and your support worker is unable to visit or will be late the manager will contact you, explain the situation and will discuss a solution with you.

When your support worker has a planned absence for example annual leave or training, the manager in a timely fashion will discuss this with you. Most people choose to build  relationships with two support workers so that absences can be covered, but this is your choice and we can discuss this when your service has started.

Don’t forget you have the control and choice of who cares and supports you.h2

  1. How do I know that I can trust my support worker?

All support workers are thoroughly vetted, we carry out an enhanced DBS (highest form of police check). Staff will undergo induction training and any other skills training which may be needed to care and support you safely.

We will only employ people who are compassionate about people and care about the service they provide to people.

All support workers will be closely supervised by the manager.

Most importantly all support workers will embrace Caring Help at Home`s ethos of providing quality person centred services.

You will have regular contact with the manager and if you or your family or friends have any concerns we will be very happy to talk to you.

  1. What do I do if I am not happy with the service?

We will have regular contact with you but if at any time you are not happy with any aspects of the service we provide to you, we ask that you talk to the manager without delay.

We will be sensitive and we do understand that sometimes it can be difficult for people to complain. We have a complaint policy which we will explain to you before the service starts.

We encourage feedback about all aspects of our service from when you first hear about us to us providing you with a service. This feedback is vital for us to develop and for us to make any changes to maintain our high standards.