Value Statement

1.    To provide a person centred service where the individual is enabled to choose the support required. Ensure the service is flexible to meet the needs of people who will have control of how and when this support is given.

2.    We are committed to provide safe services. We follow Warwickshire Safeguarding policy. Together with service users, families and staff all support will be assessed and any risks managed.

3.  We respect diversity of different cultures and the wide variety of lifestyles without discrimination. We promote equality of opportunity. We support family life, work, leisure, social activities through accessing all community facilities.

4.    At all times we respect people`s dignity and privacy. We ensure confidentiality for all service users, families and staff.

5.    We provide a quality service. This quality is based on ensuring person centred approaches, meeting needs, safe working practices and importantly open and honest feedback from people who use our services.

6.    We only employ staff that have appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to meet assessed needs. Staff employed have personal and professional values reflecting the ethos and Caring Help at Home Ltd value statement.

7.    We act with complete integrity and honesty at all times.

8.    We promote independence and choice and we support you to live your life as you choose at home or out in the community.

9.    We encourage a climate of honesty, involvement and consultation with service users, families and staff in the development of this service. If people ask us to, we are able to signpost or make any referral to other organisations for any need we are unable to meet.

10.    All services, information, any guidance given to people will always be in their best interest before any benefit to the company.

11.    We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with other organisations that care or support people’s holistic needs.

12.    We respect the homes and properties of the people we support. We observe any “house rules” and we conduct ourselves in a manner, which is professional and courteous at all times.


Signed : Di Walsh

Director: Caring Help at Home Ltd.

Date: September 2013