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Are you worried about a loved one while you are at work or away from home?

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The need for care and support can arise for different reasons, it might be a permanent need as a result of a disability, illness or frailty in old age or it might be just a temporary need to get over an accident or a fall.

Our services are tailored and flexible to provide the right level of support and care to enable you to live safely while maintaining individuality and independence.

We are committed to providing a quality service, working with you to support your ability to do as much as you can or want to do. This service will enable you to choose the type of service you need, how you wish to be supported.

We understand each unique person has likes and dislikes which underpins a lifestyle. We respect and value the diversity of lifestyles.

There may be lost friendships, clubs, hobbies or leisure activities which you wish to resume. You may wish to make new friends or learn new skills. We  provide sensitive support to enable you to enjoy a life at home and out in your local community.

We will ensure that we build trusting relationships with people and these relationship are based on respecting people`s dignity, privacy and confidentiality.

We are committed to providing quality social care in the Rugby area.


“I would like to say how grateful to Di we are for her kindness to my mother. My mother enjoys her trips out with Di and looks forward to the next time Di comes round. Di is very thoughtful in everything she does. It has really made a difference to my mothers life.”

EW - Rugby

“Di Walsh has been looking after my son since the end of September. he has special needs but despite this we simply found that there was a lack of after school facilities for children generally moving on from Primary to Secondary and unfortunately his own school didn't provide it. As I was returning to work I was looking for someone to care for him after school for a couple of hours.

Di was recommended to me through a friend of a friend, she came for an initial meeting with him and they got on like a house on fire.

A couple of months on I find her to be reliable, flexible if need be, friendly and happy to do interesting things with him including taking him out after school on little trips to vary the activities they do.

My son is very fond of Di and is completely at ease in her company which is so important for us. In addition I have been able to return to work confident in the knowledge that he is being cared for in his own home by someone warm and caring but also one who possesses a practical approach.”

CB - Rugby

“I needed help filling in a blue badge form, this is free service. Di was very efficient we completed the form and I had my blue badge in no time at all. I would recommend Di's service to anyone as forms can be difficult to understand, Di was professional and caring. I will be using her services again in the future”

PH - Rugby

“I love garden centers, it's lovely for someone to take me shopping to purchase what I want, it makes me feel independent.”

SG - Rugby

“My mother benefits greatly from Di's time and stimulation, which is spent either on going out for trips, out to buy flowers for the garden, shopping for family gifts or just enjoying each others company.
We find my mother looks forward to her days with Di and feels she enriches my mothers life in the times when sadly we can not devote the time that is needed for our elderly mother.”

R & J G - Rugby

“Di provided me with a wonderful gardening service, I am thrilled with the work that was done on my garden, it is now marvellous.”

JC - Rugby